My favourite PHP function, Postman, Dies Das Ananas

Hey. Here are some impressions and results from my last week.

extract() is definitly my favourite PHP function. If you write a custom PHP function you often have more than one variables you want to return.

You can easily put all variables in an array:

return array($var1, $var2, $var3);

And you can use extract() instead of declaring each variable new (manual or with a loop).



I’ve been working a long time with Postman API development tool, but only used a few features. Last week i searched for a API documentation tool to build docs easily and fast with a GUI and found it on Postman’s feature list. An Postman Account is required and the docs are published online on a website but the solution was faster than setting up Swagger or RAML.

Buggy Postman variables

I had a problem using environment variables in request URLs. Like many other people. A simple log out and log in again helped.

So you can easily switch between your prod/dev environments with a environment variable like url = localhost by using it in your request http://{{url}}/api/

That’s really usefull!